Using Weather to Your Advantage

Using Weather to Your Advantage. Currently in Colorado it’s been warm, then it rains or even snows still, and it’s almost May. This post will show how using the weather to your advantage can make great images all year round. Don’t always be looking for that perfect sunset, or gloriously sunny day to photograph. One would be surprised what a gloomy day can offer. Photographing interesting subjects can be made easy when one looks at the small details around them. For example, use the rain the capture the water droplets it creates on small plants and flowers. The droplets create dramatic macro images and add that extra little something that makes the image pop. On a very overcast fall day, walking along with stark trees that had lost all there leaves, presented an image. The leaves all covered the ground creating unique patterns and color. Even without the sun, I was able to take a photograph with great content. When bad weather occurs, it is great for black and white images. Using the sky to create contrast, gives an image a powerful gloomy feel that is dramatic for the viewer. Like something out of a horror movie (great comparison right?). The shadows are black and harsh allowing subjects to be silhouetted and stand out as the make focal point in the image. Just because I live in Colorado, which people deem to be one of the top places to come and photograph, does not mean every day there is a unicorn jumping across a lake with a rainbow sunset in the background. There are many days I feel discouraged because I can’t “see” anything I want to photograph. After looking harder at what’s around me, I can always find something to capture. Below are some example images that were taken not only in my backyard, but at locations very close to my home. Something as simple as a common walking path can lead to something interesting. Look around, and make something out of nothing using the weather to your advantage.

Turner Smith Photography – Colorado Photography Experience

De Saturated Droplets

Black and White Rose







Water DropletsGloomy SkyMysterious Path




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