Look In Your Own Backyard for Photography

Tired of driving and walking around, searching for that perfect image, but never quite seem to find that stunning photo you want in a new area? Well go somewhere you know well. Look in your own backyard for photography images. Even if you do not have a backyard, walk around where you live and there is always something new to see and photograph. For example street photography. There may be a dumpster sitting there looking sad and non appealing. Super boring right? Well get up close and photography the peeling paint, interesting textures, and whatever someone might normally not see. From up close, to a wide angle, interesting subjects await all around you just waiting to be captured.

Macro! Macro! Macro! My favorite medium to photograph in my backyard. There is always something new throughout each day and season to photograph. Show what people normally miss by getting up close. I say that all the time and it’s my goal when going out because it makes the viewer intrigued about what your showing through your images. They normally say, “I wouldn’t have thought to photograph that.” Even if you do not have a macro lens, take out your telephoto, go to it’s minimum focusing distance, and BAM, you have a great up close shot.

Don’t forget, use your wide angle lens. Your backyard has many opportunities to shoot multiple mediums. Street, nature, macro, in some areas landscape, and even portraits. If you don’t have a backyard as stated, walk around your neighborhood. It makes for great street photography, and in different seasons you can create some fun shots. Use what you know to create an interesting photo essay that tells a story about where you live.

Get out there, and photograph places you know, they are all one step away outside.

Colorado Photography Experience | Turner Smith Photography

Frozen Sap


A Winter's Morn

Ice Tree



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