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yellowexplosionUsing color photography is really simple and easy to implement. With spring here, there are new flowers and other plants blooming, but most important COLOR is back instead of the bleak winter. I wait all year for the color to come back for great macro shots, that are not always related with snow or ice. I have am working on a gallery called “color in motion” that I am currently trying to always add to (check out the link below for the gallery). The goal of the gallery is to show soft focus color, so thus the color is the star. It’s something simple and easy to find around your own backyard. Something as simple as a leaf, seems boring and unappealing. What can you do with a leaf? Nothing right? Wrong! There are many opportunities related with simple plants. How does the sun hit the leaf? Is it back-lit showing the veins, creating interesting shadows, or even making the color stand out. Don’t photograph every colorful thing you see, but choose the colors that speak to you, so your not forcing it, but creating something you personally enjoy. Simple is always best when it comes to photography. Look at the mundane that normally seems like something you would never photograph and look at it in a new way. Another tip is going to nature preserves, which also offers great opportunities with different varieties of plants and flowers. Going to some local flower shops is your area, is where you can find multiple varieties of flowers for sale. It’s a macro photographers dream. These are a few ideas for capturing color in an up close manner, showing off it’s glory! Below are a few older images from last year, and a couple from this spring that highlight color!

Turner Smith Photography | Colorado Photography Experience



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